What a Website Spokesperson Can Do For You

  • Greet your Website visitors

  • Clarify the important parts of your website.

  • Give your business a professional face.

  • Build confidence that your business is stable.

  • Help visitors understand how your products and services will benefit them.

  • Help visitors feel more comfortable on your website.

What are They Called?

What are They Called?

Wall of Video Spokespeople
ADD A SpokesPerson TO YOUR SITE!

What if you could be at the door of your website 24 hours a day to help people find what they were looking for? Big companies have used professional models and actors for years to help them create an image and help consumers understand their product better. Your website can now have an actual person welcome your visitors to your website and then direct your visitors to key areas. Have your spokesperson point out specials or the most important pages to go to. Its as if yoursitting right next to them as they go through your website. Give it a try today.

Talk to your Hit Representative today to discuss what a spokesperson coulddo for you.

Think out of the box! Bring the power of PERSONALITY to your website NOW!

Are You Looking For Ways To Boost Your Profits But Are Unable To Find The Real Secret Behind Huge Conversion Rates? Do You Want To Beat Your Competition By Leaving A Lasting Impression On The Minds Of Your Visitors?

Don’t be left behind. Make the most out of this amazing offer.

Get prepared to take your online business to the next level with Talking Heads™!
Someone rightly said that ‘FIRST IMPRESSION LASTS FOREVER’, this is especially true in the case of online business, as impression plays a very crucial role in converting web traffic to a successful sale.

So what impresses YOU more? Something static and lifeless or a live talking person? It might surprise you, but it is fact that IT IS
HUMAN NATURE to get impressed by personalities and lively individuals rather than by content that is motionless and static.

Give your website an extreme edge with affordable yet powerful website video

Admit it, you’d love your website to pull in more traffic and turn that traffic into conversions. Unfortunately, no matter how much investment you put into SEO, CPC, Ads, web design etc, there is only so much your website can achieve without video.

You must be wondering whether or not if website videos can help. Yes, it will. A video is not just a tagalong. It is very important for forward-thinking website owners to take advantage of video to connect with customers on a personal level.

A good web video is like a welcome smile, a firm handshake, and it shows that you care about them. Video is now indispensable in websites and online stores. A video message leaves nothing to the imagination

Our website video production process is strategic and detailed Our team will work with you through an in-depth interview. We gather relevant selling propositions, skills, and positive angles about your business. Even those you haven't considered relevant.

Then we’ll produce a video with a compelling force no visitor to your website will ignore. It will be unique and resonate with them on a personal level. Such is the power of our website video services.

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to produce 1000s of videos for all kinds of sites. Business websites, e-commerce stores, personal brands, and from start-ups to Fortune 500s. By using our creative process, the latest technology and highly skilled talents. We’ve been able to keep production costs low while maintaining our high standards.

We know how to create website video for corporate business, for an entrepreneur, for an affiliate marketer and so on. If you’ve have a website that converts, we’ll create a stunning website video to give it an added advantage. You can be confident you’re not leaving money on the table. And here is the best part: it is very affordable, tailor-made, and perfect for your needs and budget. Wouldn’t you like that? Get in touch now, let’s make it happen for you.

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Video Spokespeople- Experienced Professionals

People use many terms for Spokespeople: Video Spokesperson, Virtual Spokesperson, Website Spokesperson, Web Spokesperson, Spokes-model, Walk On Actor, Virtual Actor, Person on website, Online Spokesperson. All of our Spokespeople are Professionals with years of experience.

Our spokespeople are experienced professionals with a wide-range of backgrounds and training in spokesmodeling, acting, broadcast journalism, television, on camera promotions, and live performance.

As the online face of your business, a video spokesperson can deliver the exact message you want your visitors to hear. Our virtual spokespeople will impress your customers and increase your bottom line.


Majority of the websites today are turning towards flash spokesperson and spokesmodels for their websites. This has also resulted in the cropping up of a number video spokesperson agencies. However, when it is the question of your profits and business, it is best that you focus on nothing but the best.

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What makes VideoTalkingHeads.com stand out from the crowd is its ability to add a personal touch to your videos from start to finish. We have over 7 years of experience in the field of spokesperson of products and services and hence have an indepth understanding of what is required to create a striking video. All our presentations are spectacular with attention on the most minute details and leave no stone unturned to effectively guide your visitors through various processes on your websites such as registering, applying or buying. No wonder that 90 percent of our clients return to us for all their video marketing needs! If you are looking for a video production company which can create an astounding video for your website, then look no further. Talking Heads™ can bring the much coveted change to your online business by bringing life to your website.

Whiteboard Video

Whiteboard Voice-Over

If you are looking for a whiteboard video contact our friends at Whiteboard.Video. You can get one of our Spokespeople to do the voice-over for you.

Whiteboard videos stimulate your viewers' brains. A Whiteboard sketch is like a time machine with each new drawing practically hypnotizing your viewer. Because of this hyper focus, the viewer also recalls more of your whiteboard animation than regular videos.

More on Whiteboard Videos.

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